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The "virtual" part means that the VA doesn't have to be present on-site in order to effectively and efficiently oversee projects. A client can be located in San Francisco or New York, but the VA may work from anywhere. For example, MotionTemps' Carolyn Moncel works mainly from Paris but services local clients as well as clients in Chicago (her hometown) and even the UK.



Why Work with a Virtual Assistant?


Clients who hire VAs only pay for the time actually spent working on a project rather than an employee salary. Because Virtual Assistants are entrepreneurs themselves, they also make an attractive staffing choice for consultants or office departments because there is no need to:


  • Support hourly wages or salaries (clients only pay for hours worked)

  • Provide office space

  • Provide office equipment or supplies

  • Supply computer equipment or software

  • Offer health care, dental/eye-care, life or disability insurance coverage

  • Pay employment taxes

  • Supply retirement packages, pensions or 401Ks " No overtime, vacation or sick-day pay

  • Pay for on-going educational enrichment or training



When to Use Virtual Assistants


  • Your business or office department experiences explosive growth and more support is needed to handle the influx.

  • You don't need assistance on a daily basis

  • You need part-time support but your current office or office department is too small to accommodate even one more desk.

  • Your projects are too small for the graphic or creative department to handle but too time-consuming or complex for administrative support.
  • Your business is not growing at the rate anticipated; but you must change direction to attract growth opportunities, and new materials must be developed or refined.

  • Your business requires frequent domestic and global traveling, and you need someone who can develop presentations or materials "on the fly."



Finding the "Right" Virtual Assistant for Your Business


  • Carefully review the VA's background, resume and references.
  • Look for compatibility and synergy between you and your VA.
  • Determine if the VA has a genuine interest in your business (i.e., Are questions being asked about your overall business operations and the goals you have set for your business?)
  • Look for a VA who offer ideas or solutions for running your business more effectively.
  • Schedule several phone calls, if necessary, to ensure that the VA is right for you and your business.
  • Start your VA on small projects first in order to better monitor progress.




The "Right" Virtual Assistant is not just another vendor for your business.


The "Right" Virtual Assistant is a partner in your business' success!



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