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Here's why trainers, coaches and communications professionals enjoy working with MotionTemps:



We Work While You Sleep


The six to nine-hour time difference between Paris and the East and West coasts respectively in the U.S. allows MotionTemps to complete projects overnight. By the time our clients awaken and have their first sips of coffee at their computers, our completed projects await them in their e-mail inboxes.


We Deliberately Keep Our Client List Small



Working as a virtual assistant, our client's success is our success so we keep our client roster deliberately small to ensure the individualized and personalized attention that they deserve.


Despite the distance MotionTemps always manages to develop a personal relationship with all clients. MotionTemps even makes a point of spending some quality face-to-face contact with our clients as often as possible. We've discovered that each client is different so we enjoy the opportunity of spending quality time with them and learning about every business inside out.


We Possess Global Business Appeal


Because MotionTemps, LLC is a multinational corporation, we have two local teams (in Chicago and Paris) in place to work on projects.


We especially enjoy servicing clients with economic interests in specific geographic locations - namely Chicago, Paris and now London. Catering to clients in specific geographic locations is what makes our practice special because we bring intimate knowledge of how these cities work. Our business networks are strong and continue to grow in those cities, therefore we can help clients enlarge their networking circles as well.









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