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The MotionTemps work environment is both comfortable and focused. Clients hire MotionTemps to create, format, edit or customize stylish and vivid training documents, materials or presentations. They also hire us to maintain their presence on the web. Therefore, MotionTemps strives to create a working environment where the Client feels comfortable clearly stating the desired service and the anticipated deadline for completion. MotionTemps will make every attempt to meet that deadline in a timely fashion, and MotionTemps will notify the Client if the desired service cannot be completed on time.


Work Status


Carolyn D. Davenport-Moncel, president of MotionTemps. She is a virtual assistant and manager. She works as an independent contractor. She owns MotionTemps, LLC, is responsible for her own taxes (foreign, federal, state, and local income taxes, FICA, and state unemployment and disability insurance), works from her own office, uses her own equipment, sets her own hours and bills the Client for services performed through MotionTemps. MotionTemps also reserves the right to perform services for other Clients when business conditions permit.


Office Hours


MotionTemps now serves clients in both Chicago and Paris. For that reason, MotionTemps keeps two sets of business hours. For customers in the United States ONLY, the hours of operations are from 7 AM - 2 PM CST (Chicago); 8 AM - 3 PM EST (New York), Monday through Friday. For customers in Europe, the hours of operations are from 9 AM - 5 PM CET (Paris), Monday through Friday.


Weekend Services


Weekend and emergency after-hour services are available but may require an additional 25 percent markup charge.





There will be times when the MotionTemps office will be unreachable, however, prior notice will be given to the Client. The MotionTemps office will be closed to observe the following Christian and National holidays: New Year's Day, Dr. Martin Luther King Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Bastille Day, Assumption, Labor Day, Armistice Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.





MotionTemps bills its Clients twice per month - on the 15th and 28th. Hourly rates are billed in quarter-hour increments and monthly rate packages are available. Payment is due within 14 days of receiving the invoice. All overdue amounts will bear an interest rate of one percent (1%) per month. Additionally, MotionTemps reserves the right to terminate all further work until all overdue invoices are paid in full. All work completed will be outlined in detail on the invoice.




Occasionally during the course of a project, MotionTemps may incur some out-of-pocket expenses. These expenses will be kept to a minimum. Out-of-pocket expenses on the client's behalf will be added to the client's invoice.



Referral Program


MotionTemps, LLC does offer payment for referrals. Please contact us to learn more about becoming a Referral Partner or download and submit the referral contract today.




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