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If you'd like to interview Carolyn Moncel, please contact her at (877) 818-3864 from the US, or +33 (0)6 19 63 46 84 outside the US, or e-mail her at MotionTemps. Here are some possible story angles:


MotionTemps Observes International Virtual Assistants Day: May 19, 2006


Ten years ago if any one had told Carolyn Moncel, a African American virtual assistant currently living in Paris, France, that the nascent industry that she has been working so hard to promote would finally receive its own day or recognition, she probably would not have believed it. Moncel along with more than 5,000 other virtual professionals working worldwide will celebrate the first International Virtual Assistants Day (IVAD) on May 19, 2006.



Virtual Assistance: One of the Fastest Growing Business Opportunities for African American Women


Recent surveys suggests that there are more than 5,000 Virtual Assistants (VAs) working worldwide. However, a growing number of them are Black Americans. In addition to having experience in administrative and office support, many VAs also come from established careers in a variety of different industries – from event planning and marketing, to accounting, real estate, theater arts and graphic design. So why are so many African American women, in particular - the fastest-growing sector of new female business owners - choosing this new profession? Carolyn Moncel, Sharon Williams, Kirsten Womack and Becky Gregory share their stories.



Another Side to Outsourcing: The Small-Business Owner and the Virtual Assistant


While there are many concerns about large companies outsourcing entire departments offshore where wages are cheaper, for many American small-business owners outsourcing is a necessary component for success. Small companies outsource all types of services -- from graphic design, and accounting, to marketing and IT. Outsourcing doesn't have to be a dirty word. In fact, one of the fastest growing need for outsourcing is office administration, and virtual assistants or VAs are becoming the leading suppliers of service -- particularly to the small-business owner. Surprisingly, most VAs are American not foreign, and some, like Carolyn Moncel who is originally from Chicago, even work from abroad to service American companies back home.


"Taking Your Child to Work Day®" in a Virtual Office World


"Take Your Child to Work Day" is every day for nine-year-old Chloé, and three-year-old Jillian Moncel. Four years ago their mother, Carolyn Davenport-Moncel, envisioned a new career for herself -- one that would allow her to work from anywhere with clients from all over the world. She's achieving her dream by not only operating her business from Chicago and Paris, but her newfound flexibility also allows her to spend more time with her children. She left behind a career in marketing communications to become a virtual assistant specializing in communications, media and training. Instead of calling their mom at work on the phone, the Moncel kids can simply dash down the hallway to visit in her office. Find out why Moncel believes a simple career change is helping her raise happy, healthy and career-minded little girls.


Virtual Assistance: Most Valuable Asset in the Modern Office


Virtual assistants are succeeding in working with modern managers to create well-managed office environments from afar. As highly-skilled, mobile, computer-savvy independent professionals who overcome physical distance and time differences to complete projects on schedule and at affordable prices, VAs are often certified and sometimes multilingual. In addition to having experience in administrative and office support, many VAs also come from established careers in a variety of different industries – from event planning and marketing, to accounting, real estate, theater arts and graphic design. Carolyn Moncel, a virtual assistant now based in Paris still services many clients based in Chicago – over 4,000 miles away.


The Virtual Assistant: An Alternative Way of Working for the Overseas or Military Trailing Spouse


When a wife or husband has to accept a position that requires the family to relocate to another city, state or country, how does the change affect the spouse who may be perfectly happy in a present job or career? Can the trailing spouse make career adjustments to meet the challenges found in a new place? Becoming a virtual assistant or going freelance can be an attractive option for trailing spouses wanting to continue a career in a new environment. Carolyn Moncel shares tips anyone can use in order to get a virtual business up and running in a new place -- even if that place is in a foreign country.


Meet the Changing Faces of Black Paris


When most people think of black expatriates living in Paris, celebrated names like James Baldwin, Richard Wright, and Josephine Baker always come to mind. While it is true that many African Americans still flock to the "City of Light" in pursuit of fulfilling lifelong dreams in the Arts, others have chosen a different path to success: business ownership. These new black expatriates are young, enterprising, undeniably female, and represent the changing faces of Black Paris. Carolyn Moncel and four of her friends share what it takes to become a successful African American multinational small-business owner in Paris.





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