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Advocacy Group Launches First Online VA Convention Celebration Coincides with International Virtual Assistants Day

Baltimore, MD, April 17, 2006 - Using the latest technological tools and the Internet, Sharon Williams, chairperson of Alliance for Virtual Businesses (A4VB), always envisioned creating an event that would gather together virtual assistants (VAs) worldwide for the purpose of mentoring, networking and education. Her dream finally becomes a reality when the Online International Virtual Assistants Convention (OIVAC) makes its debut with just one click of the computer mouse.


Coinciding with the first annual International Virtual Assistants Day on May 19, the OIVAC runs from May 18 – 20, 2006 . Entitled “Pathways to Successful VA Practices,” the internet-based convention is designed to bring together all virtual assistants for best practices seminars, training workshops, presentations and exhibits. Seminar topics include such diverse topics as how to retain clients through exception customer service, utilizing 21 st century technology in a virtual environment to working with international clients. The online convention includes a gala celebration and award ceremony honoring individuals dedicated to advancing the VA industry through mentoring, education and goodwill. Exhibitor halls are “live” 24/7 for 45 days. Admission to exhibit halls is free.


“We’re inviting all VAs -- every aspiring, emerging and veteran virtual professional, along with clients, small businesses, corporate supporters, associates and potential prospects to participate in our global VA celebration,” says Williams. “It will allow us to bring together all VA organizations and their memberships under one umbrella.”


Virtual Assistants or VAs are independent entrepreneurs who work remotely and use the latest technology to deliver professional administrative, creative, managerial, technical, business back-office and/or personal support services to busy clients.


Since 1996 more than 5,000 professionals around the world have become VAs, and the number is projected to soar over the next decade as more jobs become outsourced and more workers abandon the daily work commute. More than 90 percent of them are highly-skilled working mothers who choose to start their own businesses in order to achieve a better work/life balance. According to a study conducted by Brenner Books in conjunction with A4VB in 2004, the United States accounts for the largest number of VAs followed by Canada, Australia and Great Britain.


“We have something for everyone -- from partnering and relationship development to silent auction – all accessible from the comforts of your home or office,” says Williams.


About Alliance for Virtual Businesses


Established in June 2003, the Alliance for Virtual Businesses™ (V4VB) is volunteer-directed organization, whose primary mission is to advocate globally on behalf of the virtual assistant industry and to promote the growth of free enterprise between virtual assistants, entrepreneurs, small businesses, corporations, associations, and other business entities. For more information, contact info@allianceforvirtualbiz.com or visit the website at www.allianceforvirtualbiz.com.


About Sharon Williams


Master Virtual Assistant and author Sharon Williams opened The 24 Hour Secretary in 1990 and is the founder of the Alliance for Virtual Businesses ™ (www.allianceforvirtualbiz.com) and the Online International Virtual Assistants Convention (www.oivac.com). Sharon brings 25+ years of administrative, marketing and business management experience to her diverse clientele. She has written three publications including Marketing Your VA Practice. Contact Sharon Williams by e-mail at info@the24hoursecretary or visit the website at www.the24hoursecretary.com.


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