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4 Out of 5 Businesses Would Choose Virtual Assistants, Says CNN Quick Poll


PARIS, January 22, 2004 - It's not unusual to find Carolyn Moncel editing training manuals for consultants in Chicago; or scheduling appointments for an executive in Miami. She is a virtual assistant, and 82 percent of businesses would choose to work with someone like her, a CNN International Quick Poll revealed on January 19, 2004.


Virtual Assistants or VAs provide administrative, creative or technical services to business owners on an as-needed basis. Clients only pay for the time actually spent working on projects and often retain a fixed amount of hours per month for service. Typical services include data entry, desktop publishing, bookkeeping and copy editing services. Projects are often handled over the phone, by fax, e-mail and even instant messaging. Most attractive is the fact that Vas are also responsible for their own taxes, training, healthcare, insurance - overhead costs that make hiring an employee expensive.


Moncel is president of MotionTemps, LLC, an English-speaking VA practice in Paris. Her company provides back-office administrative support, but also marketing and public relations consulting services to small-business owners. Her clients represent all industries - from communications and corporate training to realtors and Internet technology.


Businesses Using Virtual Assistants



The desire to spend more time with her pre-school age daughter prompted Moncel to launch MotionTemps from her home in Chicago back in July 2001. When her French husband accepted a job offer in October 2002 and moved the family to Paris, Moncel decided to expand her company rather than close shop.


"The average business owner hires a VA because he doesn't have time to do the company books, return phone calls, add calendar entries, or deal with vendors," says Moncel a former PR executive. "Clients can delegate daily administrative tasks to me so they can concentrate more on strategy and expanding their businesses."


The VA industry has been around since 1997, and growth has been greatest in the United States, Canada, the UK and Australia. These days Moncel is setting her sights on the new frontier - France, and spends a great deal of her time demonstrating how French companies can integrate the use of Vas into their businesses.


"I'm confident that the need for virtual services will increase as more French professionals go solo, and the global business community becomes smaller," says Moncel. "In the meantime, it gives me great pleasure knowing that by the time my American clients awaken and have their first sips of coffee at their computers, my completed projects await them in their e-mail inboxes."


About MotionTemps, LLC


Launched in 2001, MotionTemps, LLC is a virtual assistance and communications firm with offices in Chicago and Paris. The company specializes in providing complete project coordination, administrative assistance and marketing communications support to home-based professionals, small-business owners, non-profits and small-to-midsize consulting firms. The company has further expanded its presence into the European marketplace by providing an emergency service to English-speaking business travelers in need of administrative support during their stay in Paris.


Contact Carolyn Moncel toll free at (877) 818-3864, by e-mail or visit the web site's newsroom.


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