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Company: MotionTemps, LLC


Founded: 2001 in Chicago, Illinois


Headquarters: Paris, France


Satellite Office: Chicago, Illinois


Subsidiary Companies: MotionTechs and Mondavé Communications


Corporate Structure: American owned; Privately held; Limited Liability Company


Officer: Carolyn Moncel, President and Founder


Type of Business: Virtual Assistance and Communications Firm


Business Description


MotionTemps, LLC is an English-speaking virtual assistance firm that works with training, coaching and communications professionals to create, edit and enhance training materials, products and presentations - both online and offline.


Taking our services to the next level to meet the complex communications needs of our clients, MotionTemps also offers PR coaching, advice, media training and placement services to small-business owners, solopreneurs and independent consultants through sister company, Mondavé Communications.


How the Company Works


MotionTemps is a virtual company. We overcome physical distance and time differences and use the latest technology to work with clients in almost every part of the world via e-mail, instant message, fax and phone.


Mission Statement


To quickly transform ordinary text into stylish, customized, and vivid documents and presentations for both online and offline audiences. In doing so MotionTemps removes administrative and creative obstacles so that trainers, coaches and communications professionals can concentrate on the core aspects of their businesses.




Carolyn Moncel's love of technology, communications and efficiency, as well as the desire to spend more time with her children, prompted her to start her own virtual business. She launched MotionTemps from her home in Chicago in 2001 after leaving a job as a communications manager with a PR agency. When her French husband, accepted a job offer in October 2002 and moved the family to Paris, Moncel decided to expand her company rather than close shop. Before her arrival in Paris the concept of an English Mother Tongue virtual assistant did not exist. MotionTemps is now the premier English-speaking virtual assistance practice in Paris. She continues to service clients in the United States - specifically the Chicago area, as well in the UK.




  • Document Creation
  • Desktop Publishing
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Web and Blog Content Maintenance and Upload
  • Document & Presentation Translation (From French into English)


Professional affiliations


International Virtual Assistance Association,Virtual Business Group, A Clayton's Secretary in Australia, Cyberworkers in France, International Virtual Women's Chamber of Commerce and OuiWIT, the Paris chapter of World Women in Technology, and the International Association of Business Communicators


News Coverage


Crisis Magazine, Café de la Soul in Paris, CNN's Global Office, CNN's Business Traveller, Chicago Tribune, Business Idea Café and Working Mother magazine.




Moncel spends time advancing the virtual assistance industry in France - focusing primarily on helping other native English speakers based throughout Europe to join the industry and learn about the resources and associations available to them. As a trailing spouse herself, she knows how difficult it can be to give up a career and find work in a foreign country. She counsels those interested in starting their own businesses and encourages them to find ways of fusing their former careers and language skills into their VA practice so that they can find their own business niche. Moncel also writes and publishes articles on public relations tips for the small-business owner for such online magazines as e-Magnify.com, Agency Wire.com (UK), Expert PR, and the Minority Professional Business Network. She blogs about juggling a career and family while living overseas in Tales from the Seine.


Advice to other entrepreneurs


Find a niche for your business. Really take the time to research your industry and your location to discover what truly makes you different from the competition so you can showcase your talents. Study your competitors and pay attention to what they do well, and try to learn from their mistakes.


Press Contact


Carolyn Moncel, President and Founder

Chicago Tel: (877) 818-3864

Paris Tel: +33 (0)6 19 63 46 84







MotionTemps Chicago - 11519 South Laflin Street - Chicago, Illinois 60643 - (877) 818-3864

MotionTemps Paris - 102-110 Avenue Marceau - 92400 Courbevoie FRANCE - +33 (0)6 19 63 46 84

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