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If you are looking for the "Shoestring PR" articles by Carolyn Moncel, you can find both new and archived articles in blog form at http://shoestringpr.blogspot.com or sign up for our newletter.


December 2003

25 Reasons to Write a Press Release


November 2003

Promoting Your Business on Cable Access TV


October 2004

What to Say When the Media Calls


September 2003

Underestimating the Power of In-house PR


August 2003

Honesty is the Best Policy - Especially When It Comes to Dealing with the Press


July 2003

Writing Suitable Copy for the Press


June 2004

Life After Press Release Distribution?


May 2003

Are There Secrets to Gaining Media Coverage?


April 2003

What You Know Can Work Just As Well As Who You Know


March 2003

It's the Little Details that Can Make or Break a News Story


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