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That's what we do here are MotionTemps, and we do it "on the fly."


If we told you that there is an easy and cost-effective solution available for running your office, managing projects, crafting and distributing your marketing materials, and expanding your business to include offices in two world-class sister cities (Chicago and Paris), would you believe us? You should because you can do all of these things and more if you hired a Virtual Assistant.


Whether you're an established consultant in a small office, or a professional just starting out in a home-based business, studies show that at least 60 percent of your workday is spent either acquiring or retaining clients.


Keeping projects on track and adhering to deadlines means that the average consultant is quite busy -- too busy in most cases, so you certainly don't have time to write follow-up correspondence, deal with vendors, write a new marketing plan, interview a freelancer, file reports or invoice your clients.


Once you go solo, it's never a bad idea to have a virtual assistant who can become a business collaborator - someone who shares your values and business practices. Talented staff who possess knowledge and skills in industries that compliment and enhance your business. You need an assistant who understands your business just as well as you do, and speaks your language. You need a virtual assistant willing to go that extra mile to help your business succeed. You need MotionTemps!


MotionTemps, LLC should be your first choice when selecting virtual assistance. We specialize in supporting coaching, training and communications professionals worldwide. Our motto is: "Help clients work smarter." We start by removing administrative obstacles so our clients can concentrate on their core business. Because our services go way beyond clerical or secretarial duties, we can also support our clients in the areas of project coordination, presentation creation, website and blog maintenance, media relations, marketing, business development and more.


Come inside and learn more about the virtual assistance industry, our company and services and why partnering with MotionTemps is a sound business investment.


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In need of marketing or PR advice for your business but not sure if you need a full-time consultant yet? Arrange a call with MotionTemps' Business Owner Marketing & PR Help Line to get some quick tips you can start implementing today.

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If you run a Virtual Assistance practice specifically, there's a special Marketing & PR Help Line just for you!








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